The interview results of the admission interview on March 17, 2018

The interview results of the admission interview on March 17, 2018 are listed below.
ABC Pathways International Kindergarten 2018年3月17日之面試結果如下:

1. Accepted List取錄生

A registration reminder will be emailed to successful candidates. Successful candidates are required to pay the registration fee to confirm registration at our school office between 9 April 2018 (Monday) and 14 April 2018 (Saturday) inclusive. Late payment will be considered a withdrawal.

2018/2019 School Term will begin on 3 September 2018. Should you have any enquiries about the announcement and registration arrangement, please contact our Head Teacher Miss Jojo Ng at 2110-1211 (Tai Koo) or Head Teacher Miss Joey Lam at 2110-9993 (Whampoa) during school office hours.


開課日期為2018年9月3日。如對有關收生或入學註冊程序有任何查詢,請致電2110 1211吳主任(太古)或2110 9993林主任(黃埔)聯絡。

2. Unsuccessful Applicants暫時未獲取錄

Candidates who are not listed above have been unsuccessful in their applications. To allow our School Supervisor/Administration Team to review the performance of these candidates again, we welcome them to try one more time in our upcoming interview on 26 May 2018. Our school admin will contact those whom require reassessment at the next round interview regarding specific arrangements within 7 days.

面試學生之姓名如不在以上名單內,即代表暫時未獲取錄。學生可於2018年5月26日參加下一輪面試,讓ABC校監/行政團隊再一次評估學生的表現。ABC Pathways國際幼稚園分校職員會於7個工作天內與有關家長聯絡,通知有關安排。