The interview results announcement of the admission interview on May 26, 2018

The interview results of the admission interview on May 26, 2018 are listed below.
ABC Pathways國際幼稚園2018年5月26日之面試結果如下:

Accepted List取錄生

A registration reminder will be emailed to successful candidates. Successful candidates are required to pay the registration fee to confirm registration at our school office between 4 June 2018 (Monday) and 9 June 2018 (Saturday) inclusive. Late payment will be considered a withdrawal.

2018/2019 School Term will begin on 3 September 2018. Should you have any enquiries about the announcement and registration arrangement, please contact our Head Teacher Miss Jojo Ng at 2110-1211 (Tai Koo) or Head Teacher Miss Joey Lam at 2110-9993 (Whampoa) during school office hours.


開課日期為2018年9月3日。如對有關收生或入學註冊程序有任何查詢,請致電2110 1211吳主任(太古)或2110 9993林主任(黃埔)聯絡。