Extra-Curricular Activities

Speaking Class

Aims of the course

  • Build up vocabulary base through stories, songs and different English activities
  • Strengthen children’s self-confidence in conversations
  • Enhance English understanding of children

Mini MC Class

Aims of the course

  • Build up children’s self-confidence and presentation skills in English
  • Strengthen children’s nerve when facing a crowd
  • Enhance children’s cooperation through partner work


Mandarin Training Course

Aims of the course

  • Built-in Mandarin Pin-yin elements in the course
  • Mandarin speaking competitions content included
  • Enhance children’s understanding and presentation in Mandarin

Character Programmes

Aims of the course

  • Building positive character
  • Promote positive development of child’s own identity, relationships and community
  • Equips strong character to make the right choices and face challenges

Children’s iDance Course

Aims of the course

  • Trains children’s gross motor skills and body coordination
  • Induces self-realisation and develops the inclination for showmanship and performance
  • Develops children’s music sense

Basic Drum Team

Aims of the course

  • Improve performance techniques and confidence
  • Learn team-cooperation and team spirit
  • Nurture individual character

Creative Chinese Writing Course

Aims of the course

  • To motivate learners to read and write through the use of interesting stories
  • To stimulate the development of the five senses using the themes of nature, rare animals, and special types of flowers and plants
  • To integrate Chinese language into nature within an interactive setting, inspire students to write independently and develop a love for learning