Our Mission & Philosophy

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Our Commitment

  • To advocate the co-existence of ‘happiness‛, ‘schoolwork‛ and ‘parental bonding’
  • To maximise the potential of every student, including academic results, self-confidence, self-awareness and learning ability. ABC Pathways is committed to giving every student the best possible support, whether they are promoting to an international or Band One local school.

Our Mission

  • Adhere to a “Stress-free Teaching Approach”. By creating a “Happy Learning”environment, our goal is to nurture ‘winners in education’ who are able to achieve their full potential.
  • All programmes aim to equip students with an international standard of English, and are fully supported and overseen by experienced Head Teachers, a Directors of Studies and Director of Course Development.


Our Philosophy - ACTIVE Learning

ACTIVE Learning’ is a pedagogical philosophy developed by ABC Pathways, based on more than a decade of experience in the local education sector.

Our mission is to provide our young learners with ‘ACTIVE Learning’ in a stress-free environment where children are given the opportunity to develop and blossom at their own pace. Learners are provided with a complete and enjoyable educational experience that is interactive, imaginative and fun, whilst focusing on real results by providing quality teaching and materials that target each stage of child development.

ACTIVE Learning’ adheres to the following principles: